Choosing Your Gemstone!

The number one question we get asked is How do I pick the right gemstone? There’s really no right or wrong way but we do have some favourites and our most favourite is…it will pick you, ALWAYS! Check out a couple other tips we've put together to help make picking easier!

1. What are you drawn to? Like we mentioned above, it will always pick you! We truly believe the right gemstone will jump out at you and you will know!

2.What do you need more of? Sometimes we need more love, confidence, or strength. A simple online search will show you a list of gemstones that are perfect for what you need. We love this method. Thats why we have all the meanings with each bracelet. Take a look, you'll know what's right.

3.What colours do you like? Sometimes its really as simple as picking your favourite colour. Like we mentioned in 1+2 the gemstones will always pick you!